We’re daring, innovative and love creating memorable marketing campaigns.

Agencies Are Dime A Dozen.
What makes us so special?

ZERO Bullsh*t

Most agencies promise the moon but end up give you a moonpie instead.

Eff that!

We tell you how it is and are 100% upfront and clear about what we can and can’t promise.

Ethics > Profit

Many agencies forgo ethical conduct in exchange for profit.

If something doesn’t vibe with us, then we call it quits.

There’s plenty of ways to market ethically and see a sexy ROI.

Innovative AF

We love doing things most would deem β€œout there”.

Thinking outside the box is what we do.

So you can bet your sweet bippy that we’re always going to bring creative ideas to the table.

We ❀️ Brains!

Okay, we’re not zombies but we love learning how they work.

We take a neuroscience-based approach when it comes to our strategy.

Knowing how the brain works = $$$


We’re VERY good at what we do.

But we always own up to our mistakes.

We don’t victim-blame and if we f*** up, then it’s 100% on us and we make it right!

Never Still

Marketing is always changing, design is always improving.

And no two clients are the same.

We hate being comfortable and stay flexible and agile.

Our Story

Crafting Memorable Brands, Driving Inbound Success

In At Modnapse, we are not your typical marketing agency.

We’re a passionate team of creatives and strategists on a mission to transform the world of marketing through innovative thinking, authentic messaging, and memorable design.

Our Journey

Our story began with a simple yet powerful idea: that exceptional branding and authentic messaging can drive meaningful connections and lasting success.

Founded by Kevin Sebastian in 2021, Modnapse was born out of a deep desire to help digital marketing agencies and consultants stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of creativity, transparency, and daring innovation.

Our vision is to galvanize the world of marketing by taking a more creative, authentic, and human-centered approach.

We don’t just create brands; we forge experiences that resonate, connect, and inspire.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to empower digital agencies and consultants with the knowledge and strategies they need to succeed.

We dive deep into the buying motivations of your customers and help you build brands with successful content marketing campaigns.

Our goal?

To help you dominate your online presence, generate inbound leads, and create memorable experiences for your audience.

Why Modnapse?

Creative Mastery

We are masters of branding, web design, and content creation.

Our creative solutions are innovative and tailored to your unique needs.

Lead Generation Expertise

We don’t just stop at creative design; we drive results.

Our lead generation strategies are proven to attract high-quality inbound leads.


Our approach is rooted in the science of the brain’s adaptability.

We understand the psychology behind customer behavior and use it to your advantage.

Authentic Messaging

We believe in speaking from the heart.

Our messaging is bold, authentic, and passionately driven by your unique brand story.

Welcome to Modnapse, where creativity knows no bounds, and success has no limits.

Ready to magnetize your inbound leads?

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