5 Easy Ways To Convert An Audience Into Leads

So you’ve built an audience – Now What?

Everyone tells you personal branding is the new thing that everyone should do. So you take their advice.

You got 1000+ followers on social media, after months and months of putting out quality content, and engage for hours everyday. You’ve made it, but there’s a problem; the money isn’t magically being deposited into your piggy bank.

So what now?

While it’s good that you got a nice little audience going for you. Unfortunately, you still got bills to pay and a business to run, so how do you convert your audience into leads?

Well, that’s what we’re going to be discussing today – 5 Easy Ways to Convert Your Audience To Leads.

Let’s get started!

1. Make sure you post what you do – but not too much

Because of online content, we’re so used to getting value for free. So be sure to keep 80% of your content value-oriented. If you just constantly promote yourself, then what will drive away your audience.

So if you’re an eCommerce email marketing agency, keep posting about valuable content related to that and your audience. But make sure your audience knows what you do – and you’re accepting new clients. People have short attention spans so they need constant reminder and a call-to-action.

The best type of content to post is what I like to call “promovalue” content.

Content that is valuable, but clearly promotes what you do. This can be a:

  • Testimonial
  • Case Study
  • A creative for your client

This is the best type of content to post – it shows your work, provides value, and establishes credibility.

2. Have a Clear, yet enticing Call-to-Action

Now I’m guessing you don’t want to build your brand and an audience for fun, you want them to start buying from you, right?

So what I would suggest is having a clear, yet clever Call-to-action (CTA) on your social media profile. Having a CTA is the key to make your audience take action on once they land on your page.

Now notice that I said clear, YET clever.

Who wants to click on a boring link that says “Book a Discovery Call” or “Get Started”?

Try to use clever copy that makes your audience decide to take action by using words that resonates with them.

For example, if you’re an Ad Agency for Skincare brands, have this as your CTA:

“Freshen Up Your Ads & Start Scaling”

See how it’s clear, yet clever and is catered to them?

Now let’s move on to the next tip.

3. Talk To Your Audience

“The Money is in the DMs.”

This is something I heard once and has always resonated with me, and it’s true!

Not only does the LinkedIn algorithm reward you with DMing your audience, but it’s also where you need to be if you’re not engaging or creating conttent.

Repeat after me: “The Money is in the DMs.”

Start asking them about their journey; what are their goals, frustrations, and desired outcomes?

And please don’t just pitch them your service right away, build a relationship. If you start trying to pitch your audience on the first message, then they’re going to be turned off and it’s going to hurt your brand and reputation; which is worth more than gold for your personal brand.

Alright, onto the next one.

4. Treat your Social Media Profile like a Landing Page

What’s something that all of the most successful LinkedIn creators have in common?

They treat their social media profile like a landing page.

A landing page is a page that serves a single and focused purpose. That could be to capture emails, drive traffic to your website, or book a call with you. The point is that your profile should have all of the qualities of a landing page.

So what are all of the qualities of a landing page? Steal this checklist to turn your social media profile into a into a high-converting landing page:

  • Headline clearly explaining: “what you do + who you help + how you do it”
  • Profile banner with CTA, Brand Colors + Your Offer
  • Clear, yet clever Call-to-action
  • Social Proof showcasing testimonials, case studies, portfolio, etc
  • Detailed “About Me” section that explains more about your story, struggles, and your history
  • Make sure your profile has ONE laser-focused purpose

By turning your social media profile into a landing page you’ll be able to start attracting and converting visitors into leads.

Now, onto the last tip.

5. Have an Irresistible Lead Magnet

What’s a lead magnet?

Simply put, it’s a piece of gated content used for collecting emails.Ac

Your lead magnet can be a variety of options, including but not limited to:

  • eBook
  • Guides
  • Checklists
  • Webinars
  • Access to a Course

Essentially, you want to have a way to stay in contact with them outside of social media. You can do this by having an irresistible lead magnet that they will BEG to sign up for. It has to solve a burning problem that your audience has and relevant to your offer. If you’re not sure what type of lead magnet to create for your audience – ask them!

Final Takeaways

In conclusion, you now have everything you need to start turning your audience into leads. I hope this guide has been very helpful to you.

Did I miss any? Please let me know in the comments.

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